Always remember that nothing lasts forever

"Soon you will have forgotten all things: soon all things will have forgotten you" - Marcus Aurelius, 'Meditations' (Book 7, Verse 21).

Everything in this universe is impermanent. Nothing - absolutely nothing - lasts for eternity. Instead, everything is subject to constant transformation and change. Take the seasons of the year, for example: the natural world is constantly transforming, as Spring becomes Summer, and Summer becomes Autumn. No matter how much we'd like you, we can never press 'pause' and freeze time. Time will always keep marching forwards and moving forwards. It isn't going to wait around or accommodate for us!

So many of us are resistant to change. As a result of our attachments, we are desperate to deny the reality of impermanence. We want to believe that we will live forever, we want to believe that everything we've got in our lives right now will still be the same in ten years time. Unfortunately, the universe has other ideas!

The only constant in life is change. The only guarantee is that nothing is guaranteed. We need to stop clinging onto attachment and we need to stop fighting against change. We need to realise that we are just one tiny part of an enormous, forever-expanding universe. We are simply short-term residents on this planet - each of us is just one of literally billions of human beings to spend time inhabiting the earth. Of course, it perfectly natural and normal to desire significance and stability in your life. However, constantly resisting change and fighting against your fate will only cause great unhappiness and suffering in your life. And, if there's only thing I know for sure, it's that you do not deserve to deserve to be happy!

In order to be happy, we have to let go of our unnecessary attachments and we need to overcome our resistance to change. We need to trust in the universe, let things evolve and grow, and we need to embrace change as a positive force for good in our lives. We need to swallow a bitter pill and realise that 'Soon you will have forgotten all things; soon all things will have forgotten you'. When we realise this fundamental truth, we feel empowered to let go of our need for control and we feel encouraged to let go of our resistance to change. We are freed from the chains of attachment and desire! As a result, we are free to thoroughly enjoy our short time here on this planet! We are empowered to appreciate the gift that is our short-stay on this planet!

Nothing lasts forever. Nobody lives forever. Remember that your time on this planet is short...and resolve to enjoy every single second of it! Let go of your unnecessary attachments and your need for control. Instead, start living your very best life!

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