Life Your Best Life: Buy the eBook now!

Good morning! I am SO excited to FINALLY share with you my debut self-help book, LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!

The eBook edition of LYBL is now available to purchase on Amazon, for a fantastic price of just £3.99! You can purchase the eBook edition of LYBL by clicking this link here!

The Paperback edition of LYBL, which will have a launch price of £10.99, is scheduled to be available to order within the next 72 hours! Please do NOT purchase any editions currently available on Amazon at a retail price of £12.99 - this is NOT the final edition and, as a result, has not passed through our editorial standards procedure.

'LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE' is Ben Wardle's ultimate guide to living an authentic, confident and resilient life.

In this motivational 80,000-word book, Ben shares his belief that every single individual deserves to live a genuinely happy and deeply fulfilling life by becoming the very best version of themselves.

Ben shares his advice on self-love, self-confidence and self-development, He discusses his hospitalisation with the eating disorder anorexia and reveals how he managed to take back control of his life. He also writes openly and honestly about learning to accept his sexuality, overcome insecurity, and find the confidence to deal with homophobic bullying and online trolling.

Ben infuses his personal anecdotes and experiences with teachings from some of humanity's greatest philosophers to have ever lived. Drawing on timeless philosophical wisdom from the past 2,500 years, Ben discusses how ideas first proposed by Aristotle, Jesus Christ, John Stuart Mill and Jean Paul Sartre can help you to live a genuinely happy and deeply fulfilling life.

You will find 53 empowering essays on everything from living with purpose to having perseverance through adversity. Ben tackles every subject from online haters to embracing your emotions, and each essay is guaranteed to leave you feeling truly inspired to live your very best life.

To purchase the eBook for just £3.99 today, just click here!

If you purchase an early edition of the eBook, you are advised to refresh your edition (free of charge) within the next 72 hours. This will allow for urgent editorial amendments to be added to your copy. The eBook edition of LYBL will regularly be updated in order to ensure the highest editorial standards. You will be able to access the latest edition of LYBL by refreshing your edition - completely free of charge - in the Amazon Kindle store.

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