Live Your Best Life: New Publication Date Information

Hello I hope you're well! I've just got some important - and exciting - news for you about 'LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE: A GUIDE TO AUTHENTICITY, CONFIDENCE & RESILIENCE'.

I am delighted to reveal that LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE will now be available as a paperback book that you can hold in your own very hands! The paperback edition, with an exclusive cover design from Darragh Cooney Design, will be available exclusively through Amazon, and there will be opportunities to win signed copies throughout the Summer! So watch this space! The pricing of the paperback edition is yet to be confirmed - you will, of course, find out all the details here first at!

The paperback edition of LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE will be available from July 2020. As a result of this announcement, the ebook edition of the book - which was originally set to be released on 22 June 2020 - is now going to also be released in July 2020. This means that anyone who so kindly pre-ordered the ebook edition will not now receive the ebook on 22 June. No payment has been / will be taken by the Kindle store, and Amazon will be in touch with you regarding the cancellation of this pre-order. I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment that this may cause - I can, however, promise you that the (slightly delayed!) book will be WELL WORTH THE WAIT!

This change to our book release strategy means that you now have the choice between purchasing the ebook edition (which will remain at £3.99 RRP for Kindle) and the paperback edition (RRP for Amazon to be confirmed - signed copies will also be available in the near future). Please note: the new titles will NOT be available for pre-order, but there will be extensive publicity surrounding their July release date once it has officially been confirmed.

I am so excited to finally share with you Live Your Best Life, and I look forward to hearing from you about whether you'll be choosing the ebook or paperback!

Have a wonderful weekend & keep living your best life.

BW x

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