Seize the day!

In book four of his Meditations, Marcus Aurelius writes this: "No, you do not have thousands of years to live. Urgency is on you. While you live, while you can, become good".

As human beings, we often take our lives for granted. As we get lost in our daily dramas and mundane chores, we forget that we are mortal and that we aren't going to live forever. Instead of remembering how precious and temporary our lives are, we complain about trivial tribulations and carry on sweating the small stuff. By the time we have realised just how precious our lives are, it's too late - our time is already up, and all we can do is look back and regret a lifetime spent worrying about the irrelevant!

Marcus Aurelius urges his reader (us) to remember that urgency is on you. In other words, we need to take responsibility for our lives and we need to get serious about living our very best lives! Time is precious and life is make the most of your time whilst you can! That means knowing your priorities, minimising distractions, and daring to fulfil your potential...right here, and right now!

Stop worrying and stop letting trivial, pointless things distract you. Be disciplined in focusing on appreciating, enjoying and making the most of every single moment. Take risks, put yourself out there, and live your life to the absolute full. Seize the day, act with urgency & live whilst you can!

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