What is a growth mindset?

Hello and welcome back to! With new new academic year fast-approaching, I wanted to take a chance to discuss something I am SO passionate about - the importance of maintaining a 'growth mindset'.

The 'growth mindset' has become extremely popular in education over recent decades...and for good reason! Thanks to the pioneering work of the wonderful Dr Carol Dweck, teachers and learners have discovered how cultivating and maintaining a 'growth mindset' is a guaranteed fast-track to life satisfaction and success!

So what exactly is a growth mindset? Let's find out! Here are just a couple of key points about what a 'growth mindset' is, and why cultivating a 'growth mindset' is so beneficial for us all..

- "In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through hard work and dedication - brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment" (Dweck)

- Someone with a 'growth mindset' will believe that success in life depends on time and effort.

- Someone with a 'growth mindset' will believe that their skills and intelligence are flexible - they can be improved with effort and persistence.

- When we maintain a 'growth mindset', stop being so scared of failure. We are no longer embarrassed about making mistakes and we stop desperately chasing perfection. Instead, we are happy to learn and grow from every mistake that we make. We realise that you cannot appreciate or enjoy success in this world unless you have overcome setbacks along the way! We start to see mistakes as essential life lessons - every setback is seen as a stepping stone towards even greater success.

- Someone with a 'growth mindset' will see the process as being just as important as the product. They enjoy the journey - for example, they love learning - just as much as they enjoy the reward (e.g. getting a certain exam grade).

- The 'growth mindset' means that you see the whole of life as your classroom - every day is another opportunity to learn, grow and develop as a human being. Learning does not stop at school - life is all about learning new lessons at every single opportunity!

- Someone with a 'growth mindset' will look for a partner who can: challenge them to become a better person and encourage them to become the best version of themselves. They will look for someone who can help them to grow, flourish, and thrive through life.

- People with a growth mindset don't just seek challenge, they thrive on it. The bigger the challenge, the more they thrive.

Does the 'growth mindset' sound like something you are interested in? Do you think that you would benefit from living your life with a 'growth mindset' approach? Well then you're in luck, because this blog here on is where I will be sharing EVERYTHING you need to know about living your life with a growth mindset! I am so excited to begin this journey with you, and over the next academic year we will be exploring how to cultivate a growth mindset and how you can ensure that it revolutionises your life!

Remember you grow through everything that you go through - as long as you always remember to look for the lesson and learn from everything that you experience! Stop struggling against reality and choose to grow through everything that you go through instead - this limetime is your time to shine, and your journey to success starts right here and right now!

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