Age guidelines - 16+.  'Road To Recovery' is my empowering & entertaining story of surviving anorexia, embracing my sexuality & living a fearlessly authentic life in London. 


'Road to Recovery' is Ben Wardle's story of being hospitalised with anorexia, embracing his sexuality, moving to London & transforming his life. With unfiltered honesty and a sparkling sense of humour, Ben describes his journey from being hospitalised with anorexia to living his dream life in London. Discover how Ben overcame an eating disorder, found the self-confidence to embrace his sexuality...and ended up with over 490,000 followers on TikTok! 


This 395 page book begins by describing - with unfiltered honesty - Ben's descent into the depths of a life-threatening eating disorder. Drawing upon diary entries written in hospital, as well as reports written by his medical team, Ben describes his battle against the anorexic thoughts inside his own mind. Ben discusses his hospitalisation, years of therapy, and his battle to take back control of his life. He describes the homophobia that he encountered as a result of his 'flamboyant' and 'outgoing' personality in Primary School, and explains how he managed to embrace his sexuality. He shares entertaining stories about working in Europe's biggest LGBT+ nightclub, and writes about his journey to becoming Co-Chair of National Student Pride.  Ben discusses how he managed to fulfil his dream of living in London, and shares diary entries from his time as an 18-year-old student in the city. He shares countless anecdotes and stories about his time studying Religion, Philosophy & Ethics...whilst working in an LGBT+ nightclub! He discusses how he ended up with 490K+ followers on TikTok, and reveals why he wrote a self-help book in Lockdown. He also reveals his obsessions with Christmas and Kris Jenner, whilst also revealing which VIP celebrities he met working at a 4* hotel and on Regent's Street. 
'Road To Recovery' is an inspiring, empowering & entertaining story of overcoming mental illness, fulfilling your dreams & living a fearlessly authentic life. 


Who is Ben Wardle? 
Ben is a third year Religion, Philosophy & Ethics student in London. He is currently co-chair of National Student Pride, the UK's largest LGBT+ student event. Originally from Cheshire, North West England, Ben is passionate about mental health, education, philosophy & Kris Jenner . He has over 460,000 followers on TikTok and  is the author of 'Live Your Best Life: A Guide to Authenticity, Confidence & Resilience'. Ben has worked at a 4* hotel, Europe's biggest LGBT+ nightclub, on Regent's Street & is now a self-published author. He also produces GCSE/A Level Religious Studies and English revision videos on YouTube. 


Age restrictions / trigger warning. This publication contains some material unsuitable for a younger audience. This publication contains detailed descriptions of the eating disorder anorexia nervosa. This includes descriptions of anorexic behaviours, which may be triggering for those with experience of an eating disorder. 


Road To Recovery | Signed Edition