BA(Hons) AKC

First Class Honours graduate in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics (Kings College London) 

Religious Studies Teacher  

Ben was born in Cheshire, United Kingdom. Aged 18, after studying for GCSE and A Level at All Hallows Catholic College, he fulfilled his lifelong ambition of studying at religion and philosophy at university in London. During his time at King's College London, he worked at the heart of London's thriving LGBT+ nightlife scene and on Regent's Street, before downloading social media app TikTok. Since Spring 2020, his TikTok profile has acquired over 1.3 million followers. Ben produces YouTube revision videos for GCSE and A Level students, covering both Religious Studies and English Language.

In May 2020, Ben published his debut self-help book, 'Live Your Best Life: A Guide to Authenticity, Confidence and Resilience'. In November 2020, he published his autobiographical 'Road To Recovery', documenting his battle and hospitalisation with the eating disorder anorexia. The book documents his subsequent journey to overcoming mental illness, embracing his sexuality and transforming his life.  In January 2021, Ben released his third book, '101 Mantras For Life', a collection of motivational and inspirational mantras for life in the 21st century. 

Ben is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness and social diversity, and is currently co-Chair of National Student Pride, the UK's largest LGBT+ student event. He is particularly interested in the philosophical ideas of Aristotle, Immanuel Kant & John Stuart Mill. He is keenly interested in the lessons that ancient Christian, Buddhist and Islamic writers can teach human beings living in 21st century secular society. He is also keenly interested in New Testament sex ethics, with particular reference to the impact of St Paul's epistles on modern-day attitudes towards homosexuality. 

In July 2021, Ben graduated from the department of Theology & Religious Studies (TRS) at King's College London (KCL) with a first-class honours degree in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics. This included a first-class dissertation entitled 'St Paul on Sexuality: Then and Now', which offered a critical analysis of the exegetical foundations for the Catholic Church's condemnation of homosexual acts and relationships. 

In September 2021, Ben began training to teach secondary education (Religious Studies) in London. He is passionate about the transformative impact of outstanding education, and strongly believes that education is 'the number one catalyst for changing lives and transforming our world'.