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BA (Hons). PGCE. Associate of Kings College London (AKC). 

First Class Honours graduate in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics (Kings College London).

Teacher of Religion, Philosophy & Ethics.

ben wardle qts certificate.png

Ben Wardle is a teacher of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics, currently teaching KS3, GCSE & A Level in North-West London. Originally from Cheshire, Ben is a first-class BA Honours graduate of Kings College London and an Associate of Kings College London (AKC).  

After achieving an A* in both GCSE & A Level Religious Studies, followed by 1st class honours in Religion, Philosophy & Ethics, Ben is now passionate about helping students  to achieve the highest grades in Religious Studies. He is a passionate advocate for the study of theology, philosophy and ethics in the 21st century. 

Ben is the author of four books, which are available in paperback and e-book format. 

Ben's YouTube channel is home to revision videos for GCSE and A Level Religious Studies, as well as GCSE and A Level English. His channel has acquired over 1 million views, helping countless students to excel in their GCSE and A Level examinations.  You can access his latest video by clicking this link here. 

In his spare time, Ben has also created short-form entertainment content for TikTok, amassing 2.6 million followers on the platform. Any TikTok inquires should be directed to Eddie Gold, using the email -

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