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Zoom Tuition for A Level Religious Studies. 

A Level Religious Studies Zoom tuition with Ben Wardle (OCR & AQA Exam boards). 

Consistently securing students A / A*s. 

To enquire now please email: 

Ben Wardle BA (Hons) QTS PGDE AKC is a first-class graduate in Religion, Philosophy & Ethics (King's College London),  and a teacher of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics (KS3, KS4 and KS5).  He is currently offering tuition for students sitting A Level Religious Studies (OCR and AQA exam boards). Ben secured an A* in GCSE Religious Studies, A* in A Level Religious Studies, and graduated with 1st class honours in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics from Kings College London. He is happy to now help students fulfil their full potential and achieve the highest grades in this subject through his tutoring work.   


A Level Religious Studies Tuition  ​


"I offer 60 minute A Level RS tuition sessions via Zoom. Each session will be tailored to you, and will focus on covering all the key content / techniques you need to know for a particular subject (e.g. the Ontological Argument). After the session, I will email you the PowerPoint and further resources on the topic. These will be yours to keep and use as part of your studies / revision.  I am also more than happy to provide written feedback on past paper questions / mock exam paper responses that you have completed, offering targeted coaching on maximising your marks in exam-style questions". 

Ben is passionate about focusing on the following areas, with tutees significantly increasing their grades in Religious Studies as a result: 

- Ensuring confident topic knowledge for every topic on the exam specification.  By the end of the session, you will know - and feel confident discussing - the key thinkers, key ideas, key evaluation points and key synoptic links for the topic. You will also feel confident responding to a variety of exam-style questions on that particular topic, preparing you for practically ANY essay question on the topic. 

- Maximising exam performance through targeted exam technique coaching & practice exam questions. Includes attention to 'command words' and a focus on how to fulfil the criteria expected by the exam board's specification.

- Improving grades by focused coaching on how to answer exam questions in accordance with the exam board's expectations and requirements. My students have increased from Grade D to Grade A* as a result of the YouTube videos and their Zoom tuition sessions. 

- Extensive exploration of the course specification, ensuring knowledge of every single subject area that could be asked on the exam. A step-by-step approach to each component of the specification, ensuring complete knowledge and understanding of everything that could appear on the exam. 

- Coaching in evaluation and analysis, including a focus on the development of synoptic links, as well as the inclusion of sources of wisdom and authority. 

- A focus on developing learner's confidence and self-belief, with a focus on developing a Positive Mental Attitude and a Growth Mindset at all stages of the exam preparation / revision process. 

RS Tutoring 

Exam boards: OCR & AQA

Fees for 2023-24
60 minutes Zoom Tuition: £47.50

Availability - Email now to enquire. 

To enquire & organise an initial consultation call :


Exam boards covered 

Tuition Fees (2023/24)
A Level RS Tuition (x1 session - 50 minutes) £39.50


Payment is through PayPal Invoice, sent to your email address following each session. 

The following A Level revision materials are also available for immediate purchase and download: 

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