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Greatness is a choice. 

Become the best version of yourself and fulfil your full potential by 'choosing greatness'. 

As my Year Group and RS students know, I am a firm believer that 'greatness is a choice'. In other words, achieving success is the result of the choices that you make. I want each of my students to fulfil their full potential and achieve great things in life. I am determined that they will become the best versions of themselves AND the best cohort of students in the country! Therefore, I am relentless in encouraging them to dream big, work hard and be kind...and achieve great things as a result! 
As teachers, it is essential that we create classroom cultures of high expectation and aspiration. I always remind students that 'I have high expectations of you because I have high aspirations for you'.  They know that I hold them to the highest standards because I want them to be the very best that they possibly can be and fulfil their full potential. 
Creating a culture of high standards and expectations involves being as explicit as you can about exactly what students need to do in order to achieve great things in your subject. Explicitly outline, model and question students about the 'steps to success' in your subject area. Use motivational and aspirational language to show students that your classroom is a place where great things happen and extraordinary things are achieved! Relentlessly remind your students that, with effort and determination, they can achieve great things! 

Watch this YouTube video here explaining how - and why - I teach students to 'choose greatness' (


What does it mean to be 'G-R-E-A-T': 

G - GIVE IT 100%

·        Success is achieved through effort and determination.

·        Effort is the key to mastery.

·        In everything that you do, give it 100%

·        Work hard and you will reap the rewards.

·        Be focused and be resilient – give it your all.

·        Try your very best in every lesson / task / assessment etc.

·        Complete all your work to the best of your ability.

·        Set ambitious goals for yourself, then work hard to achieve them!

·        Give it everything you’ve got!

·        As long as you’ve tried your best, that’s all that matters.



·        Treat others as you would like to be treated.

·        Speak politely – use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

·        Have manners - hold doors open, offer to help, say hello, smile etc!

·        Everybody is equal – treat everybody with respect.

·        Be kind to everybody – without exception.

·        Do not say / do anything hurtful or unkind.

·        If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.

·        Equality Act 2010: Do not discriminate against anybody.

·        In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

·        There are no excuses for disrespect.



·        Have a positive / optimistic mindset.

·        Be ambitious – believe that you CAN achieve.

·        Aim for the top – be ambitious, resilient and give it 100%.

·        In a classroom: sit up straight and listen.

·        Put your hand up to speak – never shout out.

·        Contribute in group work – include, encourage and help others.

·        Complete all your work to the best of your ability.

·        Participate in lessons.

·        Participate in school life – join clubs, volunteer to help.

·        Think about how you can help others in their learning/life.

·        Aspire to inspire – set a good example.

·        Help others…be kind and considerate towards everyone!

·        Do not distract others from their learning.

·        Think about how you can contribute to the community



·        Punctuality is important – it is an essential life skill.

·        Get into the good habit of arriving on time, every single day.

·        Arrive on time for school every day (punctuality).

·        It will be essential to arrive on time for work in adulthood.

·        It is essential to arrive at the airport on time for a holiday.

·        The plane will not wait for you!

·        Set an alarm, plan your journey & leave time to spare.

·        Attend school every single day (attendance).

·        Every lesson matters – aspire to 100% attendance each term.

·        Evidence shows that attendance increases achievement.

·        Attendance is a key factor in facilitating learning and maximising outcomes.



·        You are responsible for the choices that you make.

·        You are responsible for all your actions – do things that make you proud.

·        ‘Over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign’ (JS Mill)

·        Every choice we make has consequences – always think before you act.

·        You are the master of your own destiny – the choices that you make will shape your                 future. So, make the right choices…invest in your success!

·        Success is a choice – it is the result of choosing effort and determination.

·        Be accountable for your actions - do not try and excuse them.

·        Take responsibility for your actions - rather than blaming others for them.

·        Do not evade responsibility – you will gain much more respect if you hold your hands             up, admit wrongdoing and learn from your mistakes.

·        Honesty is the best policy – be transparent and always tell the truth.

·        Success is a choice – choose to invest in your future and your success.

·        Take responsibility for your future success – choose to put in the work!

·        Choose to put in the hard work, and you will reap the rewards.

·        Everyone is responsible for their choices – make the right ones!

·        Do not let others negatively influence you – be true to your own values.

·        In every situation, we have choices – choose the right path and you will reap the                         rewards. Remember you are responsible for everything you do!

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