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All nine consolidation booklets for AQA A Level Religious Studies Paper 2 - Christianity. Covers all the AO1 knowledge and AO2 evaluation points you need to know for an A*.


You will receive all nine consolidation booklets as a Zip folder of nine Word Documents, to complete as part of your revision and as you watch the YouTube videos. You can also get all the fully completed PowerPoints by clicking here (link to product page). 


1 Sources of Wisdom and Authority

2 God

3 Self death and afterlife

4 Good conduct and key moral principles

5 Expressions of religious identity

6 Christianity gender and sexuality

7 Christianity and science

8 Secularisation

9 Religious pluralism 


They are accessed as Microsoft Word documents which you can print out and complete. 


Click here for the fully completed PowerPoints. 

AQA A Level Christianity (Paper 2) Consolidation Booklets

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