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Zoom Tuition for GCSE & A Level Religious Studies. 

GCSE & A Level Religious Studies Zoom tuition with Ben Wardle (OCR & AQA Exam boards). 

Consistently securing students Grade 9s & A*s. 

To enquire now please email: 

Hello! I'm Ben Wardle, a first-class honours graduate in Religion, Philosophy & Ethics (King's College, London) and a teacher of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics (KS3, KS4 and KS5).  I am passionate about teaching GCSE & A Level Religious Studies and securing students the grades that they deserve. My YouTube revision videos on GCSE & A Level Religious Studies have acquired over one million views, and students achieve Grade 9s (GCSE) and A*s (A Level) as a result of watching these videos. I am currently offering  one-to-one coaching and tuition for students sitting GCSE & A Level Religious Studies exams. I secured an A* in GCSE Religious Studies and A* in A Level Religious Studies, and it is a privilege to now help countless students achieve the same. 


I offer 50 minute GCSE & A Level RE tuition via Zoom. Each session will be tailored to you, and will focus on covering all the key content / techniques you need to know for a particular subject (e.g. the Ontological Argument). After the session, I will email you the PowerPoint and further resources on the topic. These will be yours to keep and use as part of your studies / revision.  I am also more than happy to provide written feedback on past paper questions / mock exam paper responses that you have completed, offering targeted coaching on maximising your marks in exam-style questions. 

I am passionate about focusing on the following areas, and I am proud that so many of my students have significantly increased their grades as a result: 

- Ensuring confident topic knowledge for every topic on the exam specification. By the end of the session, you will know - and feel confident discussing - the key thinkers, key ideas, key evaluation points and key synoptic links for the topic. You will also feel confident responding to a variety of exam-style questions on that particular topic, preparing you for practically ANY essay question on the topic. 

- Maximising exam performance through targeted exam technique coaching & practice exam questions. Includes attention to 'command words' and a focus on how to fulfil the criteria expected by the exam board's specification.

- Improving grades by focused coaching on how to answer exam questions in accordance with the exam board's expectations and requirements. My students have increased from Grade 3 to Grade 9 and from Grade D to Grade A as a result of the YouTube videos and their Zoom tuition sessions. 


- Extensive exploration of the course specification, ensuring knowledge of every single subject area that could be asked on the exam. A step-by-step approach to each component of the specification, ensuring complete knowledge and understanding of everything that could appear on the exam. 

- Coaching in evaluation and analysis, including a focus on the development of synoptic links, as well as the inclusion of sources of wisdom and authority. 

- A real focus on developing learner's confidence and self-belief, with a focus on developing a Positive Mental Atittude and a Growth Mindset at all stages of the exam preparation / revision process. 

My specialist area is Christianity and Islam, including the Themes, at GCSE and OCR & AQA RELIGIOUS STUDIES A LEVEL.  I have extensive knowledge of both GCSE Religious Studies (all exam boards) and A Level Religious Studies (OCR and AQA).   

RS Tutoring (50 minutes)

Exam boards: OCR & AQA

Fees for 2022-23
GCSE -  £29.50 per session (50 minutes)
A Level - £39.50 per session ( 50 minutes) 

Payment via PayPal invoice.  

Availability for 22/23
NOW VERY LIMITED - please email to enquire. 
To enquire & organise an initial consultation call :


Exam boards I cover

Tuition Fees (2022/23)
GCSE RS Tuition (x1 session - 50 minutes) £29.50
A Level RS Tuition (x1 session - 50 minutes) £39.50


Payment is through PayPal Invoice, sent to your email address following each session. 

The following revision materials are also available for immediate purchase and download: 

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