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Live Your Best  Life.
Become the best version of yourself.

 Whatever happens, you can handle it. 

Be unashamedly authentic.

Love never fails. 

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Hello and a very warm welcome to benwardle.org, the brand new life coaching brand. My message is very simple: each and every human being deserves to live an authentic, confident & resilient life. 

Live with Courage, Confidence & Compassion...

Happiness is the product of living an authentic, confident and resilient life. You are on this planet to fulfill your potential and thrive through life


I passionately believe that the purpose of our lives is to be happy, and I strong believe that happiness is achieved by living in accordance with your values & becoming the very best version of yourself. Every individual deserves to live an unashamedly authentic life and fulfill their unique potential as a human being. In my writing, I draw upon Emotional Intelligence, Growth Mindset theory, Stoicism, Mindfulness, Aristotle, J.S. Mill, Buddhism & Christianity as authoritative sources of human wisdom.  Throughout life, we should never stop learning and we should never stop growing as human beings. You only have one opportunity to live your life on this planet, and you deserve to live every single day of it to the absolute full. 

'Every single human being deserves to live an authentic, confident & resilient life. This blog is my ultimate guide to finding true happiness and real fulfillment in your human existence' 

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