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Updated: Aug 25

A short selection of comments and feedback from viewers on YouTube. Revise for GCSE and A Level RE now at

“Wow you’re such a good teacher - you are so intelligent and engaging ! This is honestly the most helpful video I’ve ever watched 😅”

"Your videos and resources have been invaluable for my students and myself. I have been teaching for 21 years but have learnt so much from you, thank you!"

"Watching your philosophy, ethics and dct videos not only...helped [to] improve my grades but also helped me find a subject that i truly have a passion for. it sounds a bit silly when i say it out loud but it saved my life. it gave me something to look forward to and to be passionate about all because of your teaching. you are an incredible teacher, you kept your videos funny and repetitive so it sticks in the brain. you really are a star. you’re amazing. seriously. thank you for helping me survive a levels!"

“These videos are honestly so helpful! Currently studying A Level Religious studies and listen to your vids while I’m revising! Thank you so much xx”

“From a grade 3 in mocks to a grade 9. All with your help, thank you.”

“Just wanted to say thank you, these videos are lifesavers and you are so knowledgeable in both Christianity and Islam. ❤️”

“Ben you are a genius and a wonderful teacher. You have helped me so much in my gcse rs exam. I found it easy because i watched your video the day before. :)”

“Why can’t my teachers teach like this? This PowerPoint is a masterpiece 😭”

“I just wanted to personally thank you for helping me, these videos have been great and have assisted me in preparing for my 2022 exam. Hopefully aiming for that grade 9 thanks to you. Best of luck with teaching”

“Wait… this actually helped me so much, THANK YOU SO MUCHHH , I was honestly getting like grade 4s💀but I watched this video and your video on Christianity, and I’m now A LOT more confident. I think I can get a 7, heck an 8!”

“Absolute legend. Given me so much confidence before exam”

“You are an extremely talented young man. Your videos have been a godsend. Thank you”

“omg this is literally saving my mocks thank you so much! Xox”

“I cannot explain how much gratitude I have towards you for posting this Ben. I find this the most challenging topic in the whole of RE. Thank you thank you thank you!”

“this video was so positive and felt so human, and easy to understand unlike a lot of other revision videos , i feel so much more prepared for my exam tomorrow !! the reminders to grab some food did nothing but good for me, and as im sure many other people !!”

“This video was great for my year 11 mock! it covered everything and I managed to get 50/51, would recommend”

“genuinely cannot thank you enough, never felt so happy after an exam literally everything you covered came up”

“Went from a grade 4 in GCSE Re to an 8 in my mocks. Thank you so much these videos helped me a lot”

“Learned more from you in an hour than my teacher in 2 years lol”

“YOUR VIDEOS HAVE LITERALLY SAVED ME!!!! The way you describe and define things makes so much sense, all of the dots and strings of information have connected in my brain and just make so much more sense, and are so so clear!!! I cannot thank you enough, I have my RS exam tomorrow, you’ve literally saved me lmao!”

“Thank you so much honestly, this has helped me calm myself today before the exam tomorrow and I really appreciate your amazing attitude!”

“ben you've been an absolute life saver thank you so much for making these videos so easy to understand and entertaining <3”

“Thank you so much, This has literally changed my whole revision, and the amount of work you put in for everyone else is amazing. Your explanations are clear yet informative, and you make these videos so fun, so I don’t mind sitting for an hour and a half. I know you will succeed and thank you again🙏🏾 !!!”


“Your a great teacherrrrr, I'm watching this is a last minute revision and it's honestly so good. Like easy to understand and with all the content and context we need to know. THANK YOUUU”

“an hour left til exams and YOU ARE AMAZINGGG ! i saw this video back in march and rewatching this gives me a much more better understanding on everything😁thank you smmm <3333”

“I'm only 20 minutes in and you're already a much better teacher than my RS teachers for the last 5 years 😆thank you for this vid!”

“Ben is our messiah😂 in all honestly, thank you for making this for us. You are definitely the means of salvation for my RS Grades”

“thank u for this video, im writing notes while watching. and i love how u make this 1+ hour lesson entertaining by telling jokes! thank u, hoping for at least a grade 6 and over in re!”

“I've got my exam tomorrow and I've just found this I've watched a part of it and I think it will help. Thank you Ben for your hard effort for doing these lessons and I really understand now 👏”

“I can’t tell you how much you’ve helped me”

“Your videos are literally so fun and interesting you don’t make learning re boring thank you Ben”

"thank you so much ben because of you I recently achieved an A* in A Level philosophy (class of 2023) and genuinely can't thank you enough because your explanation and enthusiasm really pushed me to my best potential❤❤🙏"

"Hello Sir you don't know me but I just wanted to say i was really worried about sitting my re gcse and thought that I wouldn't do the best. And so I began to watch your videos consistently over the past year and they have been indescribably helpful your approach to teaching was like no other and helped beyond words can explain. You made the quotes really east to memorise and laid it out in such a straight forward way. I ended up getting a 9 today and I just wanted to thank you for all of your help keep up the amazing work you've helped me and thousands of others".

"Hi Ben! I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help you’ve given me for my RS GCSE! I managed to get 50/51 on the Christianity part of the paper which is so much better than I’ve ever done and pulled through with a 7 overall. Thank you so much for all your videos and revision tips because they helped me so so much and I appreciate the work you put into your videos so much! Thank you again you’ve helped so many of us get amazing grades on our gcses and we’re all so grateful! THANK YOU 💕💕💕"

"Hi! I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the videos you do. I have just finished my RS A-level and ended up getting a grade B when I had been getting C’s and D’s my whole way through sixth form! Your videos on the OCR content were extremely helpful as I have always found it so hard to revise for RS, they definitely helped me towards getting my final grade! My whole RS class knew exactly who’s videos to watch when we were confused on a topic or just needed help with revision! Thank you so so much again :)"

"Hello Ben! I just want to come here to thank you so much for the YouTube videos that you provide since they have been so helpful for my GCSE from year 9-10. I have recently received my results and I managed to get a 9 (198/204). I am so happy thought it would be selfish not to credit you!

Hi Ben, I just wanted to say thank you for your youtube videos in RS. I’ve just done my alevels and was getting Cs all year but I ended up with an A* in RS which was my weakest subject and your videos made the biggest difference! :))"

"Hey ben i just wanted to say thank you so much for all the videos you post on youtube you helped me do much and i am so happy that i worked so hard because i got a 9 in my religion gcse and i couldn’t have done it without you!! keep doing what your doing thank you❤️❤️"

"I just got my RE GCSE result and got a 9!! Thank you for great revision videos- they were so helpful"

"Hello I got a 7 in re all because of you when I was literally at a 3 honestly your videos are amazing keep it up and I’ll always recommend u to everyone"

“I wish ben was my re teacher, he's so passionate about his work and I appreciate it so much, btw if you're reading this ben then thanks for the vid, it really helped focus on my gsce re paper I have tomorrow”

“i LOVE you thank you so much you’ve really helped me I actually don’t know where I would be tomorrow without you!”

“This video alone saved my life. This was perfect 😍”

“Just want to say you've really helped me with this, and I'm sure many others.”

“Oml I’ve been struggling so much with this topic and you’ve made the penny drop FINALLY , thank you so much xx”

“Honestly watch these for fun now that I don’t need them for grades anymore. They’re interesting as hell to watch casually”

“Thank you so much for this videos, Most videos I have watched for religious studies don't really help me but this has helped so much xx”

“This video is brilliant - I really liked how you went over the basics of Christianity first because it helped me understand everything else much better. You're amazing”

“Thank you so much!!! This has really helped my little sis with her revision!!! Found you quite later but will defo use you for thematic studies! Thank you so much once agin”

“thank you soo much for these you don't know howw helpful your videos are!!!! <3”

“You're amazing!! God bless you exams are only in 11 days your video is very helpful!”

“Well explained and informative video”

“last minute revision for tomorrow and its helped more than anything 😭”

“you are an amazing teacher”

“Thank you so much ❤️”

“I was watching this guys tiktoks and now his guides on re, the circle of life”

“You are AMAZING !!! my gcse re exam is in just about 12 hours and i havent revised at all besides this weekend . even though i do edxcel this have been very helpful,thank you sm! hoping i pass <3”

“Dear universe....what I would be doing without you... My teacher didn't cover some topics and I was PANICKING!! Thank you so much :))”

“this genuinely helped so much with my exam thank u so much :)”

“Thanks you so much the video truly saved my RS gcse. I lost my teacher to illness at the beginning of the year and this video really helped me bring my grade up. !! Keep helping students”

“this needs more views this is so helpful, thank you so much!”

“this was so helpful such good detail that I have never been taught before thankyou!!”

“youve saved my exam from a fail to a pass this is the most helpfull video”

“this is so helpful my teachers recommended you hope all is well”

“Great video, made with passion”

“this is amazing ! I actually didn’t know it was you - i follow you on tiktok but this has been AMAZING i actually love you”

“Thankyou so much, this was so helpful!!!!!”

“Wish this guy was my teacher. I’d get a 9 easy”

“Just wanted to say thank you for all that you do!! I watched your Christianity videos and they really helped me in my gsce rs exam!! You’re an absolute icon :)”

“Literally my whole school knows about you! Your known as a saviour for all of us. thank you so much”

“Thank you so much for your help idk what I would be doing now without your videos ❤”

“me and my friends love your vids , your saving all of our lives :)”

“thank you this was so helpful!”

“The is is the best revision Guide yet :)”


“best channel on all of youtube”

“Hello, I just wanted to thank you again for helping with the aqa paper 1, most of the questions that we went through in the videos came up and I think I secured the grade 9 thanks to you!”

“THANK YOU SO MUCH!! These videos are really helpful!”

“Such a natural, I'm not a student but I love to view and love the way he can connect with people.”

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